rdist question

rdist question

Post by Farze » Sat, 08 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I am trying to distribute some directories using rdist, using:

install -R ;

in the rdist file (invoking rdist with -f option to read this file)

All works well ....except for links. There are some links in this directory,
and I cant figure our a way to make rdist copy the links AS WELL AS the
linked files. The '-h' option doesn't help because in copies the files
*instead of * the link. Any one knows any way to make rdist copy both the
link and the linked file (even though the link file may be in some entirey
different directory?)
Can anyone suggest any better method?




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I am running rdist for the first time to keep up to date three
machines on my LAN. On my "master machine" (HP 9000 HPUX 9.04)
I would like to keep updated on the client machines all *.c files in
a file system. Is there a way I can to this so that rdist recurses through
the file system and finds all of the *.c files? I have not been able to
do this so far.

I tried something like

FILES = ( /asrs/*.c )

$(FILES) -> $(HOSTS)
              install -overify ;

Can anyone help?


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