Console messages?

Console messages?

Post by Pat Colem » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 20:49:13

I have Solaris 2.3 running on an LX & SPARC 10 and get the following
messages from time to time on both(don't get them together).

1. WARNING: processor level 4 onboard interrupt not serviced
2. 'hostname' ftpd[###]:getpeername (in.ftpd):Transport end point
   is not connected.

Anyone have any idea what is causing these messages?




1. shl on console hangs on console message

When running shl on the console, if a console message appears, like
"Uugetty respawning too rapidly", it puts the terminal in a state where
whatever I type is echoed, but nothing is recognized, and ^Z does not do
anything.  I have to go to another terminal and kill the shl process.

Does anyone know why this happens?  It is probably one of those internal
things that can't be corrected.

I am writing a shl clone that exhibits the same behavior.

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