need help on setting up a remote print queue.

need help on setting up a remote print queue.

Post by Pok » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 04:08:28


Does anyone know how to set up a remote print queue on
a Sun SS1000 running Solaris 2.3 (client DNS only) to print
to a printer which is currently attached to a non-Sun machine?

I tried using the following command

        lpadmin -p localprintername -s remotehostname!remoteprintername

and got the error message

        UX:lpadmin: ERROR: System "remotehostname" does not exist.
                   TO FIX: Use the "lpsystem -l" command to list
                           all known systems.

and the lpsystem -l only shows the following

        System:                     +
        Type:                       s5
        Connection timeout:         never
        Retry failed connections:   after 10 minutes
        Comment:                    Allow all connections

Can anyone help me!




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        Question for anyone out there: we have a number of RS/6000's that we
want to be able to use network printers with. The network printers are
served by hosts using the LPR/LPD client/server protocol. The problem: I've
attempted configuring a remote print queue via SMIT, but when I check the
status of the queue with enq, the queue is reported down.

        Doing a ping to the server machine works, and we have NFS services
between a number of the sever machines and the RS/6000's, so I can't see
that TCP/IP is the problem. Has anyone else had similar problems, or am
I missing something really basic?

        config notes:

        AIX v3.1
        using filters bsdshort and bsdlong
        backend rembak -N as the documentation says is necessary.

        Andrew Orndorff
        NHTSA Data Center

        UUCP:           ...!uunet!dcatlas!drewo

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