New 3D Solaris/XWindows game: BattleBall v1.1

New 3D Solaris/XWindows game: BattleBall v1.1

Post by Philip Hardi » Wed, 26 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Pardon if this posting is a little off-topic:

I recently finished writing BattleBall v1.1, a single/multiplayer 3D
game which runs under Unix/XWindows.  You can download BattleBall from
my home page--

* as a precompiled executable for Sun's Solaris
* as a precompiled executable for IBM's AIX
* in source code form

I'm releasing the game as freeware.  Come visit!


1. New X Game - 3D Pong!

Based on a 3D project I wrote for my Linear Algebra class, 3D Pong is just
what its name implies:  a 3D version of Pong, the first arcade game!

Play 1 player against the computer.
Play 2 player against an opponent on another X server.
Play 1 player against gravity in "handball" mode.

Pick one of six viewing position modes:

  First person perspective (behind your paddle)
  From the side ("bleacher" view)
  From the top
  Freeview (user-controlled angle with realtime mouse-controlled rotation)
  The dizzying "follow the ball" mode
  And "follow the paddle" mode.

Add gravity (or even "antigravity") or a deflective "net" to the game!

It even has a true red/blue split 3D mode in case you have a pair of
old fashioned red/blue 3D glasses handy!!! :)

It comes as C source code and is played with the mouse.

Come check out screen shots and download a copy of your own from:

And best of all... It's free!

Bill Kendrick
/|\ Software Engineer

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