Serial Printer Setup on a Sparc20 running 2.4

Serial Printer Setup on a Sparc20 running 2.4

Post by fran.. » Fri, 16 May 1997 04:00:00

I have an HPIII that is setup with a serial printer setting and a null modem cable.  I can't get it to print, but I can get the printer to login to /dev/tty/a port.  What am I doing worng?


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i have a lot of trouble getting my QMS 410 to work with my Sun IPX
under Solaris over a serial port. Anybody out there, who got a
similar setup to work?

I have the printer hooked up to /dev/term/b, set the printer to 19200 baud
(i tried 9600 baud too), set the stty options with lpadmin etc. I checked
the cable, it's ok and supports hardware flow controll (build according
the IPX Answerbook pages). But i can't get rid of handshaking problems:
When i print a document longer than 1 page, the jobs hangs after a few
pages. Can somebody enlight me, how to set the eeprom settings of the
serial ports, the stty options with lpadmin and the serial line characteristics
on the printer ?

Thanks a lot, Jan

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