Solved: DualBoot NT4 & Solaris using System Commander

Solved: DualBoot NT4 & Solaris using System Commander

Post by Sean Kell » Thu, 30 Oct 1997 04:00:00

        We were able to use system commander to dual boot both NT4 and
solaris. The two configuration changes to System Commander were:

        1) use system commanders local setup (Alt-s, Local config) to
        hide all other partitions from NT and Solaris (so they can't
        see eachother's partitions).

        2) Perform a step mentioned in the V-COM faq (

                a) From main System Commander menu pick ALT-S
                b) select "Global Settings" but *DO NOT* press enter
                c) press "Alt-F9" which brings up an internal
                configuration menu.
                d) Change the "Clear Items" menu choice from "MEMORY"
                   to "NO".
                e) press esc to return to main menu.


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