Solaris/Sparc performance

Solaris/Sparc performance

Post by Thomas Kell » Thu, 02 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I am having some performance issues to deal with on a Sun system:

128Mbyte memory, SunOS 5.4 fix level "Generic_101945-10" with
Informix and a 16Mb token-ring and a couple of terminals.

In trying to find problems, I have been running vmstat and sar.  In
particular, there is a sar listing I have found to be troublesome:

sar -p 10 1

SunOS Tsystem 5.4 Generic_101945-10 sun4m   11/01/95

12:34:08 atch/s  pgin/s  ppgin/s  pflt/s  vflt/s slock/s
12:34:18   0.00    0.00     0.00   24.38   40.76   4.40

The _System Performance Tuning_ O'Reilly book (by M. Loukides) states that
the value vflts/s for 386 systems should be 15 or less.  But on this
Sparc system, it runs twice that lots of the time and indeed running
sar -p 10 100 lead to an average of 172 for vflt/s and 117 pflt/s on
this system.    My question is, is this something that might indicate
where my problem is.  What parameter in the kernel can I set to fix the
pflts/s and vflt/s so that they are not so high???  Surely 128MByte of
memory is not inadequate.  I have tried it with and without running X.

Thanks for any help.

Thomas Kellar

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