Postscript Printing Problem

Postscript Printing Problem

Post by Jon Hammon » Fri, 10 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I have recently upgraded a system from a Sparc20 running Sol. 2.5.1  to an
Enterprise 3000 running Sol. 2.6. On the old system, there was a procedure
that was run in a 4GL that would create graphs and then save the contents as
a post script (.eps) file.  The procedure would then loop back to the
beginning, change the contents of the file and then print the same file
again.  This procedure is iterated 17 times.

Results:  On the Sparc 20, every iteration of the file prints off correctly.
On the Enterprise, the first few iterations of the file print off, then it
skips a few iterations,  it then prints the last iteration about six times.

 This is almost as if the print spooler or NIC buffer cannot keep up with
the changing contents of the file.

The printer is a HP 5SI and was set up using Web Jet Admin.  On the old
system, the printer was set up with Jet Admin.

Any Help Would be Appreciated

Jon Hammond


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I am having problems printing postscript 2 pages per
sheet of paper.

I have tried using mpage and nenscript with the number
of pages per sheet set to 2, and piping that to gs.

My printer is an Epson ActionLaser 1100 (which emulates
a HP LaserJet III).

Here's the problem.  When I print something that comes
out on just one sheet of paper, the characters are
perfect.  However, when I print something that comes
out on multiple sheets of paper, only the last one's
characters are clear, all other pages are (usually)
readable, but very fuzzy.

I am using gs-2.6.1.  Is this the problem?  Or has someone
else run into this on an ActionLaser 1100?

Thanks in advance,
John C. Main
Sr. Software Engineer, EDD Project Leader
Northern Telecom, Inc.

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