As wrongly as James crawls, you can train the cable

As wrongly as James crawls, you can train the cable

Post by Philip Ch » Tue, 31 Jul 2001 00:32:01

>#   As quickly as Raoul saves, you can distribute the cable much more

Slow weekend Cypher?

Quote:>Check out NANAU sometime.

Please ignore this advice at your peril.  Also unlike Cypher you
shouldn't cross post to NANA* at all for obvious reasons.

Quote:>Oh, this was x-posted from an attack on a net-abuse group.


Quote:>That means if it gets canceled, DTR will appear.

Sigh.  No it won't.  Please stop giving out useless disinformation.



Notice this last line?  I'm sure DTR is well trained not to
resurrect any of Andrew's cancels.

It's the *Weekend* Cypher, why aren't you out there partying?


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1. mgetty .. modem trains and trains ..


I've setup mgetty on a(n) rh5.2 and the only way I've been able to
connect is by forcing low rates at the calling end .. if I set a
moderate baud rate (should defaul to to V.34 ) and let the modems 'do
their thing' they train and retrain and never connect. Eventually the
mgetty gives up and drops the line. (I have a Telebit T2500 that I'll
call in with next and see if V.32 works ..)

The Linux host has a USR sportster 28.8 and I'm letting mgetty init it
.. can someone suggest an init-chat that might fix this problem? (or
is there another solution .. :^)

Inbound fax works great though!

Thanks loads,

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