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Post by Mark E. Graha » Sat, 16 Jun 2001 11:05:59

Interesting link.



1. Microsoft uses non-compete clause to stifle home networking innovation, news.COM.com

Microsoft stalls software maker
David Becker,  June 10 2003

Lawyers representing the software giant sent a cease-and-desist letter
last week to Esiod Systems, a small, Monroe, Wash.-based software
company formed early this year by former Microsoft developers Siddhartha
Rao and Caleb Doise. The letter demands that the company halt planned
distribution of Schnazzle, an inexpensive shareware application Esiod
had planned to begin selling this week.


The Microsoft letter says Schnazzle competes with a planned extension to
the Windows operating system that would allow PCs to wirelessly stream
media files to other devices.

A Microsoft representative confirmed the letter and said the company is
negotiating with Esiod. "We're working with them to protect our
intellectual property rights," the representative said.

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