problems with Xsun and "dia"

problems with Xsun and "dia"

Post by Philip Bro » Sun, 08 Jun 2003 04:07:02

I have noticed that the "dia" program (part of the GNOME office suite;
 a visio replacement) does not display properly on my sunblade 100 desktop.
However, if the display is redirected to an x86 laptop, it displays fine.

Could one of the X11 mavens please look into providing a patch for either
the dia program, or the X11 server, please?

(The problem is that the main document area colors stay a dingy brown,
 even though other areas turn out okay)

If you dont have the gnome toolchain installed, a quick way to get there is
to use pkg-get pointed at a mirror, and
  pkg-get -u dia

Then you can more easily tweak with the dia source and not worry about all
the dependancies.

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