X11 modifier keys & OpenWindows apps

X11 modifier keys & OpenWindows apps

Post by Michael Wald » Wed, 03 Jul 1996 04:00:00

It seems to me that openwindows apps like clock manipulate the X keyboard. E.g.
after starting clock the list of modifiers changes.

This is especially disturbing if one uses Xemacs from a PC. It doesn't have a
Meta_L key, but clock sets mod3 to point there. As a consequence one cannot enter
the standard M-x by pressing Alt-x.

Maybe thats a related problem, I too have problemse using the Compose key (i.e.
Multi_key). If used within an xterm, Compose-a-a should lit the Compse's LED and

if I use DEC's dxterm instead (using Xsun as $DISPLAY), everything works fine


1. Using the Win95 key as a modifier in KDE key schemes

Prescriptum: This might (or should) be a FAQ, where can I check that


You know, I've got this "beautiful" Windows key on my keyboard and since
it's already there, I would like to use it for some of the "Standard"
and "Global" key mappings. The ALT+ and CRTL+ combinations are highly
overused anyway.

So how can I do this? In the graphical dialog, we only get a choice of
SHIFT, ALT, and CTRL. But xmodmap tells me that "Super_L" and "Super_R"
are recognized as modifiers, so as far as XWindow is concerned, I could
use them. Now my first question is: Where can I find the configuration
file controlling the key mappings? I could not find any such information
in kdehelp. And if I find it, can I just substitute Super_L for Alt? I
am afraid not. So what should I do then?

Thanks in advance for any hackful hints.

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