NCSA Mosaic and OpenWindows 3.3 Display PostScript conflict

NCSA Mosaic and OpenWindows 3.3 Display PostScript conflict

Post by David R. Li » Sat, 25 Jun 1994 23:21:18

I have noticed a problem relating to the use of NCSA Mosaic 2.4 and any
client of the Display PostScript server in the OW3.3 window server.  I
cannot start any DPS client after I run Mosaic until I restart OW3.3
from scratch (i.e. kill the distressed Xsun and start over).  This
problem includes imagetool, helpviewer and docviewer so it's kind of
annoying.  I can run imagetool et al. and Mosaic at the same time; I
just can't start any of them up after I start Mosaic unless I start one
up *before* I start Mosaic.

Has anyone else seen this?

Configuration: Solaris 2.3 (SunOS5.3+OW3.3+...), Sun SPARCstation 2,
        32MB RAM, ~90MB swap

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Note that this is real multitasking, so *all* windows are active tasks.

You can set AutoRaise resource if you want this behavior. Or, you can hold
down the Alt key and click anywhere in a window to bring it forward. Or,
press the "Front" key.

It's not hostile, it just gives you more choices. I personally find it
annoying to have a window brought to the front just because it has
input focus.

See man olwm for more details - have it your way!

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