Term Emul & File Xfer

Term Emul & File Xfer

Post by Thomas Gag » Fri, 04 Nov 1994 07:21:24

I find it incredibly hard to believe that with a SUN SPARC
running Solaris 2.3 that I can't find a terminal emulation
program that works with ZMODEM in the public domain.

For zmodem, everyone recommends rzsz, but the doc with that
says it only works with professional YAM, and not with
tip.  Tip has no xfer of its own, and XC's xmodem doesn't
seem to work with my local freenet.  XC's escape to rz
doesn't seem to work either as rz would rather write to the
the output instead of the modem.

Can someone recommend something they know that might work?
I only have dial-up acces to internet so ftp won't work.
Thomas Gagne


1. HELP:Need PC Term/File Xfer Program for PC6300

Situation: We have AT&T PC6300s hooked up by serial ports to a
central 3B2-600 (ATT Unix SVR3.2.3)  The present terminal emulator/
file transfer program we have (PC52/PC Interface) will not work correctly
under Dos 5.0.  The Powers That Be are thinking about switching to
Kermit (yuck!) or ICE 10 ($$$$$!).

Question: Is there a better package out "there" that will do full terminal
emulation, including arrow keys and function keys, is easy to set up,
and won't bust the bank to buy a couple dozen copies of?  Even a semi-
kludge like using sz and rz would work.

Please direct responses to the address below.  Your help would be greatly


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