How to setup Solris 2.5 as BSD print server

How to setup Solris 2.5 as BSD print server

Post by Detlef Werne » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi All,
I already checked the FAQ's but I don't find a hint how to setup Solaris
2.5 so that it act as a print server (BSD like on port 515). I setup the
printing that that itself can use such a queue on a NT server which
feeds a Jetdirect card. But now I need to setup this queue on the
Solaris machine so that other systems can print on it.
Any comments are welcome.

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How to setup Solris 2.5 as BSD print server

Post by Frederic Woodbridg » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I think you should look in the man files for lpadmin...that should solve
most of your problems.

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1. problem printing 2.5 --> 4.1.3u print server


am trying to change printer server on solaris 2.5 computer c
        from one sunos = old
        to another  = new

I never tried this before, and of course, something went wrong.

printing previously worked fine to server old,
 and printing now works ok on the server new

on solaris computer c   i changed servers with commands:

lpsystem -t bsd new
 lpadmin -p DiagPhysP1 -s new

lpshut DiagPhysP1
S80lp start
     Print services already active.

but , now printing fails.
eg- the following  command worked before the
server change, but now fails:

lpr -PDiagPhysP1s xx4  

  and gives:

UX:lp: ERROR: Requests for destination "DiagPhysP1" aren't
              being accepted.
      TO FIX: Use the "lpstat -a" command to see why
              this destination is not accepting
m% lpstat -a
DiagPhysP1 not accepting requests since Wed Apr 23 11:21:59 CDT 1997 -
         new destination

on server new,
the /etc/hosts.lpd and /etc/hosts.equiv contain hostname of computer c
as they were on server old
(which previously took print jobs from c  ok)

/etc/lp/printers/DiagPhysP1  files  exist  everywhere
with permissions that worked previously

what did i forget???

Darrell Kachilla  - working but not speaking for...
   M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Diagnostic Imaging -57
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