Virtual filesystem interface kernel programming

Virtual filesystem interface kernel programming

Post by Ian Donalds » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 11:59:03

Can anybody give some references to documentation for writing a virtual
filesystem driver for Solaris 2.x (where x >= 3)?  I also require information
for supporting the driver for multi-processor platforms too.  Information
on related run-time loadable kernel module issues is also needed.

I have the DDI/DKI manuals but these only describe interfaces for
device drivers; similarly for STREAMS.  The word "vnode" doesn't even
appear in the index in these books.

I've heard various comments that the only way to get such information
is by first purchasing the Solaris sources.  Is this *really* true?
This seems really strange given the inherent modularity of virtual filesystems.

In comparison, for IBM RS6000/AIX 3 everything for VFS is documented online and
a sample VFS driver source is provided on a floppy provided with a book
on driver writing.

Does anybody that has successfully written one for Solaris 2 have anything
to share with regards to development time and difficulty of obtaining