Need ANSI Tape reader for Solaris

Need ANSI Tape reader for Solaris

Post by Paul Lupa X418 » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00


I am looking for some software that will read an ANSI formatted
tape on Solaris. I would Email replies will be sumarized and



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1. Need mail reader and Newsgroup Reader that uses encryption

I need a good email program that can use PGP or GPG encryption.  I'd like to
start signing my emails and stuff.  right now this is on windows, but Im
ready for the full changeover (sorta, using VNC...)  I dont want to be
cutting and pasting my emails to encrypt them.  I refuse to use any command
line tools.  Thats just about my only requirements I suppose.

So can anyone recomment an email program as well as a newsgroup reader for
RH8 that can do these things.  That has an RPM....  I'm a linux noob and I
need simplicity.

Thanks a lot!!!


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