CDE's Desktop_controls folder does not exist...

CDE's Desktop_controls folder does not exist...

Post by w00d » Wed, 11 Jul 2001 02:38:44

I am using VNC to access the CDE from my NT machine.  I would like to
go customize the desktop, but when I try to run the "control panel", I
get an error message:

The folder specification,
does not exist.

What is going on?  Any thoughts?  Everything works fine when I use CDE
on the actual SPARC machine.

Sam Carleton


1. SAMBA-WIN95 problem: "The folder '\\SERVER\service\servicedir' does not exist.

Hi everybody.

I ugraded my SAMBA from 1.9.16p4 to 1.9.16p9 and now I have a little
the Win95 clients don't descend in the service dir and give me the
        The folder '\\SERVER\service\servicedir' does not exist
After, when I click on the OK button of the error dialog box, the same
dialog box re-appears,
and I must click once again.

I use samba 1.9.16p4 with Linux (kern. 1.2.23). I have the following SMB
conf for the services those cause the error:

comment = Belva'r root dir
valid users = root otherslogin
path = /
browsable = yes
writable = yes
printable = no
create mode = 766
public = no

comment = Home Directories
browsable = yes
read only = no
writable = yes
create mode = 0750
hide dot files = no

comment = Users' home dir.
path = /hdb1/home/users/
public = yes
create mode = 0755
writable = no

printable = no

Note: I have the users' home dir in: /hdb2/home/users. When I try a
samba-connection as the user 'mr_hyde', Win95 shows me
a shared service called 'mr_hyde' (built on the fly by the homes
section, I suppose).
When I click on it, Win95 shows the home dir of mr_hyde, but if I try to
click on a sub dir, I get the message
        The folder '\\BELVA\mr_hyde\subdirname' does not exist.

(BELVA is my linux-samba server)
The question is: which is my mistake?

Please, write your answer(s) also to my e-mail address:

         thanks in advance,


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