Solaris8, AIX4.3, NIS, password.adjunct: how to make everyone play nice together

Solaris8, AIX4.3, NIS, password.adjunct: how to make everyone play nice together

Post by Tony Guz » Fri, 06 Dec 2002 08:10:59

I've been maintaining a network of Sun servers running Solaris 8 and have been
using a NIS domain; as can be expected, the NIS master is a Sun server.  NIS
has been configured to use the 'password.adjunct' maps (in keeping with all that
C2 security stuff). Now I have to integrate into that domain a set of RS/6000s
running AIX 4.3.3.  The AIX boxes do not appear to be accessing the "shadowed"
password info (ie. the stuff in the 'password.adjunct' map).  From the IBM docs
I've been reading, it looks like where Solaris expects a '##....' string in
the password field of a '*' map to signal "go to the adjunct file",
AIX wants to see only a '!'.  As a result, the AIX boxes are refusing to
authenticate users whos password info is only in NIS.

  1) Do I have the '##...' and '!' stuff right?
  2) Has anyone else been able to get this kind of arrangement to work?
      (Solaris NIS master, AIX clients)
  3) If so, how?


1. Announcement: Shadow passwords from NIS (SunOS passwd.adjunct)

By request I have made a tool available for an alternative authorization
method in AIX available for ftp.  This tool allows you to use the
C2-secure shadow password NIS map from a Sun NIS server as the
authorization system on AIX machines as well (tested on AIX 3.2.3-5).
We use this tool with great success, although you have to give up
some AIX functioality.

I have put up the tool for anonymous FTP in:

Please read the DISCLAIMER and README files before using this tool.

The tool was originally written by Morten Hermanrud,

Ole H. Nielsen
Department of Physics, Building 307
Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark

Telephone: (+45) 45 93 12 22 - 3187
Telefax:   (+45) 45 93 23 99

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