automount doesn't work on 2.6

automount doesn't work on 2.6

Post by KRAM » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 00:33:39

I built like 20 solaris 2.6 with the same configuration. But one
doesn't automount. I ran automount manually and still doesn't mount.

I ran netstat -i there is no error...

Thank you for your help in advanced :)


1. Nohup doesn't work as I need with ksh on Solaris 2.6


I can't get nohup to work as I want. ksh is my login shell.
Basically, I have a shell script, having this first line :

This script does a few things, then ultimately starts a binary program
which I want to run permanently. Trying to achieve this goal, I did
the following sort of things in the script :
trap "" HUP
nohup mybinary

I also type the trap instruction in the interactive shell, and launch
the shell script with a nohup command.
Unfortunately, my job is killed if I exit the shell (after the usual
warning about running jobs).

I am puzzled. Could you help me please ?

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