Booting Diskless Sun 3/50 from Solaris 2.3 Machine

Booting Diskless Sun 3/50 from Solaris 2.3 Machine

Post by R. J. Sarf » Wed, 13 Apr 1994 04:26:41

Is it possible to boot a diskless Sun 3/50 from a Classic running
Solaris 2.3 ? Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

Robert Sarfi


1. NetBSD on Sun 3/50 diskless booting from 3/60 using SunOS 4.1.1


I recently got some Sun's.

They are currently running sunos 4.1.1, currently there is only disks on
one machine, the other 3 boot over the network.

I have them booting fine under sunos, I want have a look at NetBSD, and
at the moment I can get no further than tftping and then running the
netboot program. (it requests its IP address and then just sits and waits)

I can find no doco's on setuping up a diskless client, only on booting via
the net to install NetBSD on the local hdd.

can anyone shed some light on whats wrong? etc



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