Networker: How to limit access permission for NT-Clients ?

Networker: How to limit access permission for NT-Clients ?

Post by Nele Pauls » Mon, 02 Nov 1998 04:00:00


has anybody experience  with password protection for Networker Clients
( Solstice Backup)  ?

Our problem is:

we make scheduled backups for a handfull of NT-Clients.
Our server is hosted on a Solaris machine.
One of the Client is hosting personal data from the stuff and so we
have to ensure that for recovering of data should be a special access
permission. The problem is, even if you have not permitted the access
for any remote users, you  can take another PC, give it the same
DNS-Name and restore the data.
We tried to protect the data from the Client side, changing the Local
Directive. But it doesn't work in the expected manner. We choosed a
password on the PC, started an scheduled backup, changed the password
on the PC an tried to restore the data. And much to our regret it
worked fine. We'd expected, to be asked for the old password, which
was present during backup ?!

Any advices our hints ?




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