Compatible 50Mhz DX1 board for Solaris x86

Compatible 50Mhz DX1 board for Solaris x86

Post by Joaquin Mencha » Wed, 10 May 1995 04:00:00

Hello all,
  I wish to purchase a 50Mhz DX motherboard because I have a 50Mhz 486 DX
chip.  Does anyone know of an compatible board?  I have Solaris ready to
install, I just need to get the Motherboard .... and an Adaptec SCSI card
(IN-2000 doesn't work), SoundBlaster card (ProAudio not supported), new
CD-ROM (Sony 8003 not supported), new DAT drive (6200HS WangDat not
supported), etc.

Any recomendations will be most appreciated, especially if any finds a
compatible 50Mhz 480DX ISA/PCI board.



1. 50MHz Busses & 50MHz chips

I have a true 50MHz chip, and I'm forced to run with wait states so's my
memory and VLB don't choke to death.  While my machine does access memory
faster than a 33, it's not exactly running full-throttle either.

I also won't exactly say that it's stable.  While my SCSI card can handle
50MHz, my video can't - and not only is that a major slowdown in X, it also
causes some quirks in the system.  (fopr instance, CRTL-ALT-DEL usually hangs
the machine.)  My computer's developed an attitude.  (Of course, it might help
if I would stop pushing it *beyond* spec every time I turn it on...)

Anyway, to answer the recent questions:
1) It *is* possible to run at 50MHz with VLB (but I wouldn't recomemnd it).
2) You *can* access memory at 50MHz faster than a 33.

I'm going to ditch the 50 and get either a DX4, an M1, or whatever's the
biggest bad boy available by the time I get the money.  (Yeah, we've all
heard that before...)

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