Patches, Patches, Patches

Patches, Patches, Patches

Post by Davin Mil » Sun, 14 Aug 1994 15:15:53

Quote:>SunService is pleased to announce free Internet access
>to our Publicly Available Patches, which includes the recommended and
>security patches for Solaris 1.1, 1.1.1, and 2.x operating systems.
>For World Wide Web access, point your favorite browser (such as
>Mosaic) to, select the "Service and Support" area,
>and then the link to "SunService Publicly Available Patches." You can
>go directly there using the link:


This apparently should be an ftp link and not an http one, and so should read:


               Fax:       (716) 645-3464


1. Patches Patches Patches

I've just setup

which contains a collection of patches pending for testing and/or Linus'
tree.  This currently includes:

        - PCI 1 through PCI 19
        - PCIPS2 (for Mobility Electronics EV1000 docking station)
        - PCMCIA 2 through PCMCIA 7b
        - Serial 1 through Serial 17

Unfortunately, the serial changes are just too big to be mailed through
this mailing list.  I have also tacked on in serial-17.diff the patch
which should have been accepted by Linus before serial-1 through
serial-16.diff, but was completely ignored.  Also, pci-6.diff contains
the fix that prevents PPC machines from crashing, which was also
completely ignored.

Please note that there are some inter-dependencies between the PCI
patches after pci-15.diff which will break the kernel build currently.

Each subdirectory contains a readme describing each of the patches.

Please note that from time to time, patches may be re-ordered and updated
so please don't read too much into the patch filenames.




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