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I am investigating on automating the patch installation in our solaris
machines, we have Solaris 2.6,7,8,9 and running under different Sun
hardwares. I have read the documents availabe on sun web sites
regarding the use of PatchPro and have also tested using dry run
method successfully.

Is there any one out here in this list using this application to
update patches in Solaris boxes in production environments. I
basically need to know regarding the reliability, security and
availability on this application.

Any words on this is greatly appreciated,



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I'm try to use th PatchPro manager on Solaris 2.6

When I use the command smpatch analyze I get a list of patch to be installed
(I think).

I've installed some patch of the list, but if I run the analyze one more
time on the list I see the patch I've already installed.

Any suggestion?

Many thanks.

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