Help...Please! (SPARCstation IPX)

Help...Please! (SPARCstation IPX)

Post by Jesse Contrera » Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Thanks to all that responded.  I am now happily plugging
away with openwindows running and have decided it's kind of
fun.  I can't wait until I am using the system to do what
I'm doing now on a "PC". However I would be remiss to say
it's going to be easy but to quote one of the "experts" (my
opinion) that responded to me " a grown up system for
grown up people, so be patient" Advice well given and well

In looking around I believe I'll make these groups regular
reading as they are loaded with information that a relative
newbie to the UNIX world like myself can absorb!!!!!

Thanks to all :)



Help...Please! (SPARCstation IPX)

Post by brad » Mon, 02 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Only caught the tail end of that ceonversation but am I right in thinking
you've just*hold of a Sun Sparc IPX and are dabbling with Unix for the
first time? If so then I am about to get myself into exactly the same boat
as you!

Just bought a Sparc IPX with a load of kit for 100 and I'm not sure what I
may have let myself in for. Any tips you may have for getting started would
be greatly appreciated.

Regards - Brad

Quote:> In looking around I believe I'll make these groups regular
> reading as they are loaded with information that a relative
> newbie to the UNIX world like myself can absorb!!!!!


1. Need help with Sun Sparcstation IPX

I have a Sun Sparcstation IPX. It has 32 megs RAM, 300 meg HD (I think),
ethernet card/transceiver (not much help in my ethernet-less apartment!),
and floppy drive. The hard disk is blank. So I need to know how I can get
an OS on it (Solaris 2.x, Sparc Linux, Netbsd, whatever)? This query
brings up the related issues of. What  kind of CD-ROM will work with this?
Once I get it what do I need to install it? (drivers? info already in
EPROM?) I doubt it will be Plug-n-Play. Unix is great but tougher to
install hardware. Also I don't really need a fast CD-ROM so does anyone
know where I can get a used one in good condition CHEAP? I also would like
to run ppp and stuff so I need a modem. What kind of modem do I need? What
do I need (drivers) to get the modem working? The back of the IPX had
25-pin  _______  type port. Someone told me I need a Y-shaped connector
which plusg into the 25-pin and yields two serial connections so modem
would plug into one of these? if this is so what is this part called and
where can I get one cheap? *Another* issue is upgrading to a larger hard
dis,. I believe the current disk is SCSI, so what type of SCSI disk do I
need and what do I need to install it? Again I am looking for something
used/refurbished and cheap. Even 500meg-1gig would be adequate. Please
email me directly also if you reply to this on newsgroup as well. I was
told I could use the other end of the Y-connector to attach a serial
printer in the future. My long term plans for this machine is to use it as
my 'router' for a private network and it would be a 'proxy server'. I
would get 1 real static IP someway (cable modem, ADSL? whatever is
cheapest) and then when this is set up I would assign internal IPS to my
various machines (a new Pentium system I hope to purchase in upcoming
months), an XT, 286 and Wyse terminal. So I could access these machines
from the 'outside' (telnet in etc., run web server) by using my one IP and
this IPX as the 'router'. Is this what they mean by 'IP Masquerading'. I
don't know what hardware/software I will need to do this so any help in
that area would also be appreciated :-)


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