Sunos->Solaris migrate & external scsi drive

Sunos->Solaris migrate & external scsi drive

Post by Robbie Gate » Sat, 17 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,
  recently, i upgraded a sparc ipx from sunos 4.1.3 to solaris 2.4.
we also have an external Quantum 2GB scsi drive.  the solaris system
seems very flakey on communicating with the drive.  am i correct
in understanding i should run drvconfig, disks and then be able to
mount the external drive, or is there more to it than this ?
symptoms include:
 * directories start to go missing
        ls -al reports ./foo : I/O Error
 * format can't see the external drive
 * fsck/mount can't access the device

the drive hasn't been reformatted under solaris, and i'm hoping
this is not needed.  after the initial install, all went well for
about 3 days, but recently it has decided to go down every few hours.
the only changes made about the time the problems started were to
start cern httpd (binary on internal drive, web area on external
drive) and do lots of makes on the external drive, which are symlinked
to from /usr/local/bin on the internal drive.

 any help would be most appreciated, i'm completely at a loss to
figure this out.

replies by email please, thanks in advance for any help,
 - robbie
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