Help adding Solaris 2.6 support to OS server

Help adding Solaris 2.6 support to OS server

Post by Mattias Hembru » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Scenario: have an OS server which serves about 20 diskless clients.
Currently, we're running Solaris 2.5 (not 2.5.1) on both server and clients.

We bought a couple of Ultra 10s to upgrade two of our oldest machines.
Obviously, Ultra 10s need 2.5.1 11/97 or 2.6 3/98. We decided to go with 2.6
3/98 (since we're looking at a complete 2.6 upgrade later anyway, this would
help us get our feet wet).

So, we fired up solstice, brought up "Host Manager" and modified our OS
server. We told it to add sun4m and sun4u support for 2.6 (CD is 3/98). The
first 3 or 4 or 5 times, it complained about a media error (we guessed
scratched CD or something). After retrying a few more times, it seemed to

Then we added the new machines as new 2.6 diskless clients. At this point we
realized the install had NOT worked: when booting the machine was looking
for an entry SUNW,Ultra-5_10 (something like that) in the
Solaris2.6/platform directory under /export/... However, this entry wasn't
there - many others were, but not Ultra-5_10. Since many of the others were
just a symlink to sun4u, we added a similar link for Ultra-5_10. At this
point, the machine will try to boot the kernel, but spits out something like
(going from memory): MMU fast access error, which a dejanews search
identified as a bad kernel (i.e.  making that link didn't solve the

So, our idea was to try to delete the 2.6 support, re-add it (using a
different CD if necessary), and try it again.

However, even after deleting the machines which used Solaris 2.6 support,
Host Manager will not activate the "delete" button when we select one of the
Solaris 2.6 entries. Why?

Doing a little reading on, the Solstice 2.3 docs have an entry
"How to remove OS services from an OS server" which talk about using the
delete button. The Solaris 2.5 book only talks about adding OS services, NOT
about deleting them. Also, the Solstice 2.3 docs mention a command-line
equivalent (admhostmod -x <host> -rmparm=Solaris2.6.all or something like
that). We don't seem to have this utility installed on our machines.

So, are we SOL? Is there no way to fix the broken 2.6 support without manual
intervention (something we'd rather not do)? Or did 2.5 only pretend to be
able to add 2.6 support and really we can't do what we want in any case?

Comments/hints/help appreciated.


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