Flash Install error

Flash Install error

Post by Bitt Faul » Thu, 24 Oct 2002 03:55:10

When installing Solaris 8 recently, I noticed that the installation
procedure now has a Flash Install option.  So, since I have two machines
total that I'm installing (at this time, at any rate), there's no
advantage to setting up a JumpStart server (not to mention trying to
coordinate that with my net admins), so flarcreate + this sounds like a
great option.

All seemed to be going well, too, until it got to the point where the
install procedure tries to modify the files it just installed off of tape.  
It tries to copy /tmp/root/var/yp/aliases to /a/var/yp/aliases (or
something like that), but it fails because the machine from which the flar
was made didn't have NIS installed.  Which would be fine, except that the
install process seems to hang at this point.

Can someone else confirm this, and, hopefully, submit a bug report if it's
true?  I don't have an active support contract right now, as I'm
evaluating this system for a particular application.

Bitt Faulk


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ERROR: Could not stop extraction

I've patched both the miniroot on the server and the client on which the
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flag imaginable with no change. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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