Solaris 2.4 x86 Driver Update

Solaris 2.4 x86 Driver Update

Post by Barry Greenbe » Sat, 03 Sep 1994 06:55:04

The Solaris 2.4 x86 August Driver Update is now available.  The
Driver Update is the mechanism by which new device drivers and video
support are distributed to the field.

The August 1994 Update is a video patch release including support for the
following devices:

  ATI Pro Turbo VLB (Mach64)
  ATI Pro Turbo PCI (Mach64)
  Diamond Viper VLB (P9000)
  Diamond Viper PCI (P9000)
  Diamond Stealth 32 VLB (ET-4000/W32p)
  Diamond Stealth 32 PCI (ET-4000/W32p)
  Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM VLB (Vision964)
  Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM PCI (Vision964)
  Elsa Winner 1000 PRO VLB (Vision864)
  Elsa Winner 2000 PRO VLB (Vision964)
  Elsa Winner 2000 PRO PCI (Vision964)
  Matrox Impression VLB (MGA)
  Matrox Ultima Plus VLB (MGA II)
  Matrox Ultima Plus PCI (MGA II)
  Matrox Ultima 200 PCI (MGA II)
  #9GXE64 PCI (Vision864)
  #9GXE64 Pro PCI (Vision964)
  STB Lightspeed VLB (ET-4000/W32p)

This Driver Release consists of the following components:

- Driver Update Diskette image (3.5" patch diskette)
- Driver Update 1 Guide (ASCII and Postscript formats)

The August 1994 Driver Update is available on diskette or electronically on
the Internet ( or CompuServe.


To obtain the August 1994 Driver Update diskette, contact SunSoft Inside Sales at
(310) 348-6090 and request the August Driver Update.


To obtain files from the Internet, establish an ftp session to, login as anonymous and use your email address as the password.  
Change to directory /vendor/sun/sun-doc/x-86-driver/2.4FCS and "get" the desired

   The available archives are:

   AUGDU1.TAR.Z         -- compressed tar archive (includes augdu1.img,
                                                   README, and update1.ascii)
   AUGDU1.ZIP           -- compressed ZIP archive (includes augdu1.img
                                                   README, and update1.ascii)
   augdu1.img           -- 3.5" diskette image
   update1.ascii        -- Driver Update 1 Guide, ASCII format           -- Driver Update 1 Guide, Postscript format
   README               -- Update information

Follow the instructions in the Driver Update 1 Guide to install the update.


To obtain files from CompuServe, establish a CompuServe session and
at the prompt type "g sunsoft".  Proceed to the Solaris x86 Library
("lib 9").  You can then download the AUGDU1.ZIP archive which contains
the diskette image files listed above.  Note that the diskette
image files must be transferred to a diskette using the UNIX "dd" command
or an equivalent DOS utility. The file dd.exe posted here is a DOS executable that
will allow you to make diskette copies on a DOS system.  The utility accepts the
name of the diskette image file and will copy it to the floppy:  
E.G.:  dd.exe [fname] a: