Q's re: shared libs, dynamic loading

Q's re: shared libs, dynamic loading

Post by Leroy Lev » Thu, 25 Jan 1996 04:00:00


 I am supporting apps across both Solaris and Aix and have a couple
 questions regarding shared libraries and dynamic loading ( via dlopen
 The apps are rather huge thus we would like to break them into smaller
 pieces via multiple shared libs and/or dynamically loadable modules.

 With Aix you can control the "share-ability" of a shared lib or dynamically
 loaded object via the files permissions. In other words I can create
 a shared library, and if the file perms are readable by all, then the
 text of the shared lib is truely shared by all, classic shared lib.
 If the file perms are such that not all can read it ( 604, 640, ...)
 then each process gets it own private copy of the text. The same holds
 true for the dynamically loaded module as well.

 Is there any mechanism on Solaris to control the "share-ability" of
 the shared libs and dynamically loaded objects??? I would like the
 objects ( libs/dynam modules ) to "NOT" be shared across all process's.
 I would like each to get its own private copy of the text. Not being
 intimate with Solaris, perhaps this is the case with the dynamically
 loaded object, but does not appear to be the case with the shared lib.


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1. Can't load dynamic linker '/lib/ld.so'

I am using the Slackware 2.0.0 to install Linux 1.1.18.  This is being done on
a 486 with 8meg, and on a system that has OS/2 and MSDOS currently installed.

I made a primary partition for Linux (100meg) and a 5meg swapfile on a logical
partition (yes, it's small---too small?).  This I did with OS/2's fdisk.

I then went through the installation process with the Slackware boot and
install disks.  I tagged the partitions as 82 & 83, and formatted them within
the installation process.

When I boot up, I get to OS/2 boot manager, where I select the Linux option.
Lilo starts up, but gets hung on loading the dynamic linker:

    init: can't load dynamic linker '/lib/ld.so'

I did place LILO in the superblock during setup, and chose for it to load

Is this linker missing from that distribution?  If so, how would I properly
uncompress it.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated

Thank you.


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