Configuration Problem with Sun's Pcnfspro (CUH?)

Configuration Problem with Sun's Pcnfspro (CUH?)

Post by Gerry Sche » Mon, 19 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hello All,

 I was assisting someone install Sun's PCnfspro and having problem
getting the machine to ping or be pinged.  The machine is running Windows
3.1 with a 3Com 3c579 TP card.  We tried a number of different irqs and
io addresses, we also configured the machine for Novell's odi and Cynwr's
public packet drivers.  We were able to load the drivers (the packet
driver displayed the mac address of the card) and pcnfspro was able to
initialize.  We were able to ping our own address, but not anyone else.  
This is an existing network and the netmask and gateway were correct.

This is my first exposure to Sun's PCnfspro.  Does anyone have any ideas
of why I was unable to ping?  If I am able to ping my own address, am I
actually reaching the card?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of detail.  This install was offsite and I am
doing this from memory, late at night.


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Let's try this again.  I posted to sun-managers but got nothing back.

I am running a Sparc20 server with PC's using both Windows 3.1 and
more recently, Windows 95.  Although I had no problem installing
PCNFSpro ( under 95, I can't print to network printers anymore
(i.e., printers spooled from the server, not the Windows Network).
Here is the message I get when sending a print job:

There was an error writing to LPT2: for printer (HP LaserJet4V/4MV
There was a problem printing to the port.
Check to make sure your printer is configured to use a valid port.
This printer will be set to work offline.
To save your print job in the local printer queue, click OK.

I have looked in the sun-managers archives as well, but can't find
anything related.  And I have had the problem with every 95 box I have

What gives?!?

Thanks for any help!


Greg Heim
Network Administrator
International Safety Instruments
Lawrenceville, GA

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