gnu readline on Solaris 2.2

gnu readline on Solaris 2.2

Post by Roman Bednar » Fri, 01 Jul 1994 23:51:10

I have problems in running gnu readline version 1.1 on my solaris 2.2.
Compilation with gcc v2.4 gives no errors. But after running a demo program
readline I have to look at a message : Segmentation fault (core dumped) after
a prompt.
        Could someone help me with running that program?

1. GNU readline 2.0 doesn't compile on Solaris 2.4

I tried to rebuild GNU's readline on Solaris 2.4 after the system people
ripped off SunOS and it doesn't work.  The version on
doesn't compile, configure complaing about not there.  I put
one in and then the whole configure stuff doesn't seem to be programmed
properly.  It still tries to include <strings.h> in spite of configure
having defined HAVE_STRING_H etc.  I tried to hack my way through but
the executable eventually dies with segmentation violation.  I used
Sun's cc for this.

Anyone got a solution?

Michael Lemke
Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge UK

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