Remote display socket terminating

Remote display socket terminating

Post by Netscape Mai » Tue, 17 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hopefully someone can offer insight into this...

I have an X/Motif application (which has been around for about 5-years),
which involves database queries (using Sybase). The database queries are
performed in-line in the code (i.e., not forked processes) and can take
a considerable amount of time to complete (e.g., over 1 hour). This code
runs on Solaris2.5, SunOS, and HP. Normally the application`s display is
on the same machine as that running the executable. But, what I am
finding is that if the application`s display is set to a remote Solaris
based machine, then the display disappears after about 10-15 minutes.
The display socket connection is terminated but the client executable
continues to run, although without an active display. If the remote
display machine is a SunOS or HP machine, then the display does not
disappear. Solaris seems to be doing something different than SunOS/HP.
It appears that the remote display is timing out and the connection
dropped. I am running the CDE desktop environment. Can any help be
passed my way on this on what to look for or how to prevent the




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i just recently got my linux machines networked together ;)
 telneting between them works fine. however, if i telnet to tex
 from milieu and then try to run xcalc on tex but displaying on
 milieu, i get:

~/ xcalc -display milieu:0
Xlib:  connection to "milieu:0.0" refused by server
Xlib:  Client is not authorized to connect to Server
Error: Can't open display: milieu:0

 what do i need to do?

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