Connecting Solaris to 'IBM Global Network' via PPP

Connecting Solaris to 'IBM Global Network' via PPP

Post by Arne Varhol » Fri, 08 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have bought an account to the 'IBM Global Network' to be able to
connect Soaris x86 machines we innstall all over the world to
the Internet.

Have anybody made the scripts and configuration files for this network ?

On the, I found scripts for connecting Linux, I have
also scripts for Win95 so the connect sequences are pretty clear.

IBM do not use CHAP or PAP, you get your PPP IP adress as an ASCII



1. Connecting Solaris to IBM Global Network


I'm having one of those curious situations when you try connect Solaris
to an ISP. I configured /etc/uucp/Systems as follows:
   ibm-ppp Any ACU 115200 # ogin: userid word: password ocol: idle=0,ppp

Tracing the connection, I found out that IBM Global Network uses
something else (it seems ===>, of all things) as a logon prompt.
However, even changing the ogin: on the line above I was able to connect
to IBM. Everything else works fine (at least up to this point...) Does
anybody had the same problem?


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