Solaris 8 x86 Textmode Resolution

Solaris 8 x86 Textmode Resolution

Post by abert.. » Wed, 28 Jun 2006 08:30:38


I've been trying to adjust the textmode resolution (everything after
bios) to a resoltuion my monitor can handle. The monitor doesn't
support the native textmode resolution.

Is there a way to force the textmode resolution to 640x480 or is this
done with the rows/columns settings.

I've tried setting the output-device under eeprom (and device config
assistant) to "screen:r640x480" but this has no effect. I've also tried
setting the rows/columns under stty.

I have done this before on my Gentoo box, by editing the grub boot cmd
to specify the Kernel boot with the vga=791 option.

Any help would be great.


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        I installed Solaris x86 (version 8) on a PC. On a previous failed
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make best use of my monitor, so I configured the screen during

However, I forgot this when I installed it again, so now my screen is

resolution - the graphics card is quite a reasonable one. I've
certainly had it running at 1600x1200 under Solaris 8 before, but
don't know how to set it manually.

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