Announcing NEdit 4.0 -- GUI Unix Text Editor

Announcing NEdit 4.0 -- GUI Unix Text Editor

Post by Mark Ed » Sat, 10 Feb 1996 04:00:00

This is a major new release of NEdit, widely recognized as the best GUI-based
text editor available for Unix and VMS systems, free or not.

For those who have not heard of NEdit before, it is a GUI style plain-text
editor for X/Motif systems. It is very easy to use, especially for those
familiar with the Macintosh or MS Windows style of interface, combining full
use of the mouse and window manager, with keystroke efficiency and a full
complement of powerful editing commands.


   - Efficient, proven command set
      - Very complete functionality.  NEdit is the primary editor for
        thousands of Unix and VMS programmers
      - Thorough consistency with Motif, MS Windows, and Macintosh
      - Designed for intensive use: fast response time, menu and dialog
        shortcuts, streamlined interaction
   - 100% GUI from the ground up
      - True multi-window, fully graphical design
      - Mouse based editing
      - Multi-level undo
      - Cut and Paste with other X Windows/Motif programs, full support for
        all Motif selection modes
   - Easy to learn
      - Just point and type
      - Capabilities are presented clearly in top level menus
      - Comprehensive on-line help
      - No special knowledge of X Windows required, all important options
        can be set from within the program
   - Features for programmers
      - Auto-indent
      - Block indentation adjustment
      - Parenthesis flashing and matching
      - Find lines directly from compiler error output
      - Emulated tabs
      - Unix ctags support
      - Client/Server mode for integration with software development tools
   - Easy installation
      - Self contained single executable file
      - Pre-built, tested executables available for Silicon Graphics, Sun
        (Solaris & SunOS), HP, OSF/1, DEC Ultrix, IBM AIX, and VMS

New in version 4.0

   - Rectangular Selection
   - Interactive Selection Dragging
   - Learn/Replay
   - Client/Server mode
   - Limited macro capability
   - Emulated tabs
   - Bookmarks
   - Preserve Last Version (.bck) files option
   - Exchange primary/secondary command
   - Search dialogs optionally work in stay-up mode
   - Settable Read-Only mode
   - -read, -create, -do, and -line command line options
   - Better control character representation.
   - Settable wrap margin
   - Ability to bind menu commands in translations
   - Better directory defaulting
   - No-tabs mode
   - Improved overstrike mode
   - Option for Motif standard Open dialog
   - Optional thick cursor
   - Output-replaces-input option for shell commands
   - Faster redraw under dialogs and menus
   - Faster background-window redraw
   - Better horizontal auto-scrolling
   - More on-line documentation

NEdit is available for free, in source and executable form for most popular
Unix and VMS workstations: SGI, DEC (DEC Unix, Ultrix, VMS, AXP), IBM, HP, Sun
(SunOS and Solaris).  A supported Linux version will be available in about a
month.  Porting to other systems has generally been easy, but you must have

The contrib directory for 4.0 is still a blank slate.  If you build a version
for an unsupported system type, please consider sending us a copy, or at least
a Makefile, so other users can benefit.

Sources and executables are available via anonymous in the
/pub/nedit/v4_0 directory.  There is also a web page for NEdit at:, or find out more about Fermilab:, or other Fermilab software:

-- Mark Edel