COMMERCIAL: APE Integrated Development Environment 2.0R1 Now available

COMMERCIAL: APE Integrated Development Environment 2.0R1 Now available

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    Another Programmer's Editor(tm) 2.0 R1 is now shipping WORLDWIDE.
    To order, or obtain an evaluation copy, visit our WEB site:

    or email us at:

    Registered users of APE 2.0R1 are also eligible for one FREE
    upgrade to any future release.

    ======================= What's new in 2.0 R1 ======================

    * More ergonomic overall design:
        o Block mode indenting
        o Group character matching
        o Choice of standard Nroff or HTML documentation
        o Line noise protection
        o Protection from invalid keystrokes
        o Highlighted cut and paste
        o Enhanced pop-down menus
        o Work-arounds for color xterm bugs

    * Improved tool interface
        o Automatic makefile detection and setup
        o Improved header file and library search
        o Built-in Unix sub-shell option
        o Improved error message handling

    * New shareware demo, for more thorough evaluation
        o Installs on your system like the registered version
        o Allows you to save files

    ========================= What's not new ==========================

    * Versatility
        o 100% language independent
        o 100% terminal independent
        o High degree of platform independence - currently available
          for 7 varieties of Unix, with more on the way

    * Efficiency
        o Smaller and faster than most other editors (even the simple ones)

    * Easy of use
        o Pop-down menus for beginners
        o Hot-keys for advanced users
        o Easy installation program


1. C-Forge v1.0 Integrated Development Environment

 Code Forge Inc. is proud to announce the release of:


  C-Forge v1.0 - Integrated Development Evironment


  * Project manager:
   Visual representation of project structure and component status
   using a dependency tree and a separate "desktop" area showing
   work in progress. (Changes affect other users only after the
   modules are returned back into the project).

  * Fully configurable integrated editor with context highlighting,
   auto indentation, multi-level undo and bookmarks.

  * Intuitive dragNdrop functionality enabled throughout the

  * Ability to "import" external makefiles.

  * Revision Control System:
   Primary revision control functions performed automatically by
   the environment. (Integrated Revision Control Tool allows even
   finer control).

  * User enabled integration and configuration of external tools
   (compilers, parsers, debuggers, etc.).

  * Integrated single module Symbol Browser (cross referencing)

  * Diff Tool (shows differences between two files).

  * Intelligent log window that displays project build output and
   "jumps" to corresponding error lines in the editor.

  * Full-featured Explorer-like File Selection Tool.



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