format, copy files to floppy, make it PC file system

format, copy files to floppy, make it PC file system

Post by joao coel » Fri, 30 May 2003 09:02:53

I am trying to rewrite some code originally written for unixware which
uses dosformat, doscp, etc... I started using the volume manager, but
i read somewhere that volume manager has plenty of bugs and one should
rather stay away from it.  Without volume manager which commands
should i use to perform my tasks.  mount, format, mkfs_pcfs, rmformat
or what?  Help the confused. Thanks.

1. copy umsdos file system to ext2 file system

I have a fully opperational linux file system on a dos partition installed as a umsdos
system and would like to copy it to a linux ext2 partition. Is this possible?
I am using loadlin to load linux, I do not want to use lilo.
This is my present partition table:

/dev/hdb5  6   dos 16-bit >=32M    slackware 96
/dev/hdb6  83  Linux native        redhat 4.1
/dev/hdb7  83  Linux native        empty ext2 500meg partition

Linux on hdb5 is running perfectly and I have almost 300Megs on it and I don't want
to load it from scratch.

Thaanks in advance,

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