Filters under 2.5

Filters under 2.5

Post by Martyn Rober » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

Having a problem getting print filters going on 2.5

The Sun supplied documentation seems a little hard to follow on how to create
a BSD style lpd/r queue and set up 'if' and 'of' filters.
Can anyone supply any direct help or a pointer as to how to get this done.
The print admin tool is not useful in this task and the doco 'paper and man'
doesn't help a great deal.
Would prefer e-mail however I'll keep a good look out on this list.
If I get much private response I'll sort and post it up to this group.



1. Perl print filters on Solaris 2.5

Celeste> I called Sun on my very expensive gold contract.  They left a message on
Celeste> my voice mail telling me to read the answerbook, which gives very little
Celeste> info and no examples.  Then they closed the support request. Arrrggghhh!

And people want *this kind* of *commercial* support for *perl*?

You must be joking. :-)
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