How to mount a CDROM over the network?

How to mount a CDROM over the network?

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I have a cdrom on machine A, I would like to access it from machine
I am no sysadmin, and both of our sysadmins are currently

In case I forgot to mention:
We use Oracle 7.3.4 and 8.1.6 on Solaris 2.6, 2.7 boxes
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1. mount error: mount only root can mount /dev/cdrom on cdrom

"That should do it.  I hope this was not to long an explaination, but
"I want you to have a fell for what you are doing before doing it.

"Now as to why...
"Most multitasking multiuser Operation system do not let users
"access the mount command.  Linux makes it possible for users
"to use the command, but doesn't give the privilage to automatically.
"Root has to set the priv on a per device basis.

   ... oh wow.  that was great.  thanks ...

"it's not what you see ,
 but in stead notice."

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