Archive Python 28849 DAT Autoloader and device file under Solaris2.3

Archive Python 28849 DAT Autoloader and device file under Solaris2.3

Post by Peter Die » Fri, 21 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hello Netlanders,

we use an Archive Python 28849 DAT Autoloader (6 or 12 tapes)
under Solaris2.4  (SunOS osiris 5.4 Generic_101945-27 sun4m sparc).

The drive is recognized by the kernel at boot time:

Jul 19 21:14:45 osiris unix: st4: <Archive Python 4mm Helical Scan>
Jul 19 21:14:45 osiris unix: st4 at esp0:

But the only way to access the tape is thru /dev/rst4 (symlinked to
/dev/rmt/0lb), the low-density, berkeley-styled device file.

All other accesses using /dev/rmt/0 or /dev/rmt/0h fail !?!

Any comments/pointers are appreciated.

10E6 thanx in advance,

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I am having a trouble installing ARCHIVE  Python 28849 autoloader under
Solaris 7.

The drive is recognized correctly as target 4 on SCSI bus:

The mtx utility also recognizes the drive and I am able to select a tape
from the tape cartridge:

But I cannot write -- the tar command gives me I/O error.

I have a feeling that there is a missing configuration here, but I don't
know where. I would appreciate any help.

thank you,

Minas Hambardzumyan
LEDA Systems, Inc.

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