port below the parallel port on the Sparc 20

port below the parallel port on the Sparc 20

Post by Derek Edward » Thu, 09 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Sun makes a little 8-inch pigtail which converts the special output to
AUI (thicknet).  You can use a microtransciever to get 10 base 2
(thin coax), unless I'm mistaken.  They also have one which has an AUI
port, and a connector to an external audio speaker box.

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1. port below the parallel port on the Sparc 20

Yes, it is an ethernet connector. For dealing with different cabling
types, SUN decided to sell "transceivers", small external devices for the
different cabling principles. Just call SunExpress and order the
appropriate transceiver for 10Base2.

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