Weekly SunFlash, October 8th, 1995

Weekly SunFlash, October 8th, 1995

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SunFlash 82.w1
                      SunFlash, October 8th, 1995

September 1995     John J. McLaughlin, Editor/Publisher    fl...@flashback.com
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   * 82.01: Sun Demonstrates Network Computing Retail Solutions At RISCON 95
            (1 pages)
   * 82.02: Sun Chosen for Precision Retailing System (1 pages)
   * 82.03: SPARC Technology Business Launches Embedded Sparc Advantage
            Strategy (2 pages)
   * 82.04: Sun Strengthens Third-party Embedded OS And Tool Support (2 pages)
   * 82.05: SunExpress Wins Silver American Catalog Award (1 pages)
   * 82.06: SunExpress Offers Peripheral Upgrades (1 pages)
   * 82.07: NEO, The Industry's First Complete Networked Object Computing
            Environment (3 pages)
   * 82.08: Leading Swedish Telecom Selects Sun (1 pages)
   * 82.09: Sun And Toshiba Collaborate (2 pages)
   * 82.10: SunSoft Expands WABI Line With New Server Product (2 pages)
   * 82.11: The Web Gets Down To Business With SunSoft's NEO (1 pages)
   * 82.12: New Program for Developers of Distributed Object Applications
            (2 pages)


82.01 Sun Demonstrates Network Computing Retail Solutions At RISCON 95

      CHICAGO, Il.- September 18, 1995 - At RISCON 95, the retail industry's
      showcase for new technologies, Sun Microsystems will demonstrate a host of
      network computing solutions designed not only to improve retailers'
      current operations, but to pave the way for retailers' entry into the new
      world of electronic retail via the Internet and interactive multimedia
      kiosks. All of Sun's retail industry solutions are based on its scalable
      multiprocessor SPARC (TM) architecture and Solaris (TM) operating
      environment - powerful open systems that give retailers maximum
      flexibility, performance and value.

82.02 Sun Chosen for Precision Retailing System

      CHICAGO, Il.- September 18, 1995 - ICL Retail Systems and Amdahl
      Corporation, worldwide leaders in retail and data center technology, have
      selected Sun Microsystems' network computing systems as the strategic
      platform on which to develop Precision Retailing, a comprehensive set of
      retail-tuned data warehousing services, software applications and
      hardware, designed to improve retailers' sales performance and increase
      profitability by capturing, warehousing and analyzing data from customer
      transactions starting at the point of sale.

82.03 SPARC Technology Business Launches Embedded Sparc Advantage Strategy

      URL: http://www.sun.com/stb
      URL: http://www.sparc.com

      SUNNYVALE , Calif. (Sept. 12, 1995) -- Sun's SPARC Technology Business
      today announced plans to target three burgeoning segments of the rapidly
      growing embedded computing market as it launches its Embedded SPARC
      Advantage strategy. Focusing on telecom, networking, and printing/digital
      copying, SPARC Technology Business will leverage its line of RISC
      microprocessors and boards, operating systems software support,
      development tools, and networking expertise to provide customers with a
      comprehensive development-through-deployment solution.

82.04 Sun Strengthens Third-party Embedded OS And Tool Support

      SUNNYVALE, Calif. (September 12, 1995) -- Sun Microsystems Inc.'s SPARC
      Technology Business unit today strengthened its third-party embedded
      operating system and development-tool support, led by the announcement of
      its plan to offer a configurable version of the Solaris operating system
      for its forthcoming line of embedded processors. The company also
      announced the pending availability of a new real-time operating system
      port and three new third-party development environments (that will also
      support SPARC-based target designs). The announcements were made in
      conjunction with the company's Embedded SPARC Advantage strategy at the
      Embedded Systems Conference.

82.05 SunExpress Wins Silver American Catalog Award

      Recognized for Excellence in Computer Equipment Catalog Category

      NEW YORK, NY-September 19, 1995 - SunExpress, Inc., the aftermarketing
      company of Sun Microsystems, Inc., announced today at UNIX EXPO that it
      received a Silver American Catalog Award (ACA) for its North America
      Spring/Summer 1994 Catalog. SunExpress was recognized in the Computer
      Equipment category, where it tied for the top honor, as no Gold Award was

82.06 SunExpress Offers Peripheral Upgrades

      Provides the Sun Aftermarket with Fast, Cost-Effective Access to Storage,
      Graphics and Monitors
      URL: http://www.sun.com/sunexpress

      Chelmsford, MA-September 19, 1995 - SunExpress, Inc., the aftermarketing
      company of Sun Microsystems, Inc., announced today that it is expanding
      its upgrade program to include storage, graphics and monitor products. The
      SunExpress (TM) upgrade program, which features a range of low cost, low
      risk upgrade solutions, makes access to the newest Sun (TM) technology in
      storage, graphics and monitor products easier and more cost-effective for
      Sun customers. With the broadening of its product line, SunExpress
      increases its commitment to customers seeking to take advantage of the
      scalability built into Sun systems.

82.07 NEO, The Industry's First Complete Networked Object Computing Environment

      SunSoft NEO Debuts; Java-Enabled Web Access To NEO Applications Previewed
      NEO OpenStep Available To Beta Users
      URL: http://www.sun.com/sunsoft

      New York, NY -- September 20, 1995 -- SunSoft, Inc. today introduced its
      NEO (TM) product family, the first complete development, operating and
      management environment for object-oriented networked applications. NEO
      software (formerly Project DOE) allows companies to react more quickly to
      business change by making enterprise computing more flexible, and more
      adaptive to business needs.

82.08 Leading Swedish Telecom Selects Sun

      Partners to Provide Internet Service To Schools Across Sweden

      MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif - September 13, 1995 - Telia, the leading Swedish
      telecom company, has selected Sun Microsystems AB, the Swedish operating
      company of Sun Microsystems, Inc. as its partner in a project to provide
      Internet access to students in Swedish schools. The program, Telia
      Internet@School, is already providing Internet access for a number of
      kindergarten through grade 12 schools (K12) in Sweden and will eventually
      provide Internet service to thousands of schools across the country. The
      new program will broaden students' horizons by exposing them to the
      tremendous educational resources and information available on the

82.09 Sun And Toshiba Collaborate

      Expand Long-term Strategic Relationship In Rightsizing, Internet And
      Interactive Technology

      MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - September 25, 1995 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. the
      global network computing leader and Toshiba Corporation, a leading
      electronics manufacturer, today announced an expansion of their long-term
      strategic alliance to collaborate in the emerging areas of rightsizing,
      Internet, and interactive technology. The two companies will expand their
      existing relationship to share product development, marketing and
      distribution in these fast-growing market areas.

82.10 SunSoft Expands WABI Line With New Server Product

      SunSoft first to provide competitively priced Unix-based server solution
      for Microsoft Windows applications
      URL: http://www.sun.com/sunsoft/Products/PC-Integration-products

      Unix Expo: New York, NY -- September 19, 1995 -- On the opening day of
      Unix Expo, SunSoft, Inc. introduced its new WabiServer product, a server
      implementation of Wabi, its popular Windows-to-Unix translation solution.
      WabiServer, a Solaris server solution for Microsoft Windows applications,
      gives multiple simultaneous users the complete functionality of Wabi.
      Low-end SPARC systems and X terminals, previously unsupported by Wabi, can
      now act as full clients in a server implementation to run Microsoft
      Office, Lotus SmartSuite, and other popular Microsoft Windows
      applications. In addition, WabiServer provides MIS managers with better
      central management of their Microsoft Windows applications within the
      Solaris environment.

82.11 The Web Gets Down To Business With SunSoft's NEO

      Powerful Network Object Environment Spans Corporate Networks and Internet

      New York--September 20, 1995--SunSoft today announced a breakthrough
      technology which enables companies to quickly build applications that run
      on both the corporate network and the Internet. The product line, called
      NEO, enables the same functions provided by "in-house" mission critical
      applications like order entry, financial services or on-line retail to be
      delivered directly to customers using the World Wide Web. NEO will allow
      companies to get new services and products to market more rapidly.

82.12 New Program for Developers of Distributed Object Applications

      Object Reality Program to Help Finance and Telecommunication Industries
      Move to Distributed Object Technology Quickly

      NEW YORK, NY. - September 20, 1995 - Sun Microsystems Computer Company
      today announced the Object Reality Program, the industry's most
      comprehensive effort to help customers create distributed object
      applications. Under the program, Sun will initially assist corporations in
      two key industries -- financial services and telecommunications -- to
      produce distributed object applications using SunSoft's recently announced
      NEO (TM) product family and other third-party products.


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