Wanted: French applications and French Sun support

Wanted: French applications and French Sun support

Post by JC Magr » Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Fellow Sun worshippors,

I am looking for inexpensive French speaking applications for a SparcStation1
running Solaris 2.5. I know about Emacs derived MULE. I am looking for a
word processor mainly. Do you know if Oleo supports European languages?
The names (and phone numbers) of French companies that offer Sun products &
services would also be appreciated (especially if in Martinique, Guadalope
or St. Martin:French West Indies). I will post a summary or possibly an

All help appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

J.C. Magras


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I can't find any such package on the 2.6 distro and no docs or other
helping hints here.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated- point me to the docs if nothing


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