Solaris 2.5 PPP and Win95 PAP/CHAP Question

Solaris 2.5 PPP and Win95 PAP/CHAP Question

Post by Todd Wya » Wed, 24 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I've just recently upgraded our Sparc machines to Solaris 2.5 in order to
handle Win95 dialup networking for clients when I ran into a slight snafu.

I have a dynamic-ip point-to-point setup working rather well using a GNP
SerialSmart terminal.  The problem is getting connections to be automated...

I have the PAP config commands in the file (they are right as far as
I can tell) but I still have to manually login before PPP can begin (i.e.,
having to popup the dialog window, enter username and password, then click on

Running the aspppd process in debug mode shows that the PAP negotiation indeed
takes place, but still no joy: Wind95 DUN times out on the dreaded "Verifying
Username and Password" dialog box.

Am I running into a limitation of Solaris PPP? Or just out to lunch?

Obviously, PPP connections work fine when connecting 'manually', and I DO
know how to use the scripter utility in Win95, but this is unacceptable for
the relatively inexperienced (suprise) customers we anticipate having.

Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers to information.  Reply via email,

Todd Wyatt


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