Would NIS+ master work with NIS+ & NIS Slave?????????

Would NIS+ master work with NIS+ & NIS Slave?????????

Post by YOOM NGUY » Sun, 02 Jul 1995 04:00:00

If anyone have try this combination please let me know if it work..

Here is my Question.  Again would it work if I have this combination:

One machine is NIS+ master server and the other is run NIS+ & NIS compatible mode as a slave for
NIS+ master server domain.

Any sugguestion will be appreciate

Thanks in advance

Yoom Nguyen



1. NIS master and NIS slave

 I got 7 Sun servers that will be connected soon to a NIS network. My network
administrator is telling me that I could not have a subnet due to the change of
IP addresses class ( there will be using class C). I suggested them, tha if my
servers had to be connected with the rest of the other 300 machines, that I
will required a NIS slave.  They stated that a NIS slave will not do any good.
I read on a book that a NIS slave is good for the distribution of rpc.  Also I
read that you could make the NIS master and the NIS slave clients of each
other, so in case of the master being doing the NIS slave will take over.  They
stated that, that is not truth?
  I need a solution, I do not want to have my servers with the dependancy of
the NIS master.  They will also take all the roots privileges....So help me


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