Pseudo-Device Driver in Solaris 2.x

Pseudo-Device Driver in Solaris 2.x

Post by Andrew Gabri » Sun, 29 Mar 1998 04:00:00


>    I need to write a device driver for some existing software that runs under
>Solaris.  The problem is that the hardware is connected to a PC (it is an ISA
>version of the card vs. an SBUS version).

Run Solaris x86 on the PC, and do it on that.

Andrew Gabriel
Consultant Software Engineer


1. STREAMS message from pseudo-device to pseudo-device

Hi everybody,

I have a kernel device driver programming related question for Solaris

We have a packet classifier which sits between the IP pseudo-driver
and the network interface driver.

We need to send an unacknowledged message from the IP driver to our
classifier so as to pass on connection setup information. The classifier
is implemented as a pseudo device driver. We have plumbed the classifier
beneath IP, and now need a way to send M_PROTO messages from the IP driver
to the classifier. We have saved up the address of the device write queue
of our classifier in a global variable, but a putnext of a message from IP
onto the classifier's device write queue causes the machine to crash.

(1) In short, is there a way for M_PROTO messages to be transmitted from
IP to our classifier beneath it.

(2) Is there a way to set up a STREAM between two kernel pseudo device

Thanks a bunch in advance.


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