populating password field in passwd table using nispopulate?

populating password field in passwd table using nispopulate?

Post by Ken Mcdona » Thu, 08 Dec 1994 03:58:17

As the title suggests, I'm having trouble getting nispopulate to populate
the password field of the passwd table.  Here's the situation: I used
nispopulate to populate the tables of a test NIS+ machine from a correctly
operating NIS server.  This worked, but left the password field of each
record in passwd set to the string "##username", for that uns
Using a hint from the net, I then tried something like:

/usr/lib/nis/nispopulate -Y . . . . shadow

i.e. calling nispopulate on just the shadow map of the NIS server.
This gave the interesting set of messages:

This script will populate the following NIS+ tables for domain
Wiz.Com. from the YP maps in domain testsp:

Do you want to continue? (Y or N) y

passwd.org_dir.Wiz.Com. OK...
removing existing local YP map...
copying YP map from server...
populating shadow table from testsp YP domain...
adding non-standard key-value table passwd...
passwd.org_dir.Wiz.Com. is not a two column table!
**WARNING: failed to populate shadow table.

In other words, it understood that shadow was related to the passwd
table, but then couldn't carry the process through correctly because
passwd is not a two-column table (no kidding).  Anyone understand
what is going on here?

This is not a critical problem--I can easily write a Perl script to do
what's necessary, or modify one of the several which have been sent to
me--but it would be nice to understand what the heck is happening.

Ken McDonald



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I am just learning howto setup NIS+ on a solaris machine.

when I run the following command:

nispopulate -F -p /etc -d domainname.com.

This is the output I get

nispopulate failed to populate the following tables:
 ethers ipnodes bootparams netgroup timezone auth_attr exec_attr
prof_attr audit_user

*WARNING: file /etc/bootparams does not exist!
        bootparams table will not be loaded.

Populating the NIS+ credential table for domain tandcwong.com.
from passwd table.

dumping passwd table...
loading credential table...
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