repeated login failure

repeated login failure

Post by R. Schich » Fri, 16 Feb 2001 15:44:06

I have following warning in /var/adm/messages:

Feb 12 19:34:44 hostname login: REPEATED LOGIN FAILURES ON /dev/pts/6
FROM user.intranet_address

How am i able to examine which user he wanted to login and what kind of
login it was (ftp, telnet, rlogin, ....)??

Kind regards

R. Schicht


1. Repeated login failure over modem locks up port???

I currently have a Linux box running at 1.2.1 with 4 serial lines
for modems. I'm using getty_ps 2.0.7e and I noticed that when someone
tries to login with the wrong information that the port seems to
lock up after 3 or 4 attempts. Basically, the modems look OK except
that uugetty no longer listens for the RING. BTW, I saw the same
thing happen with mgetty 0.22. My modems are Supra Fax 28.8's and
my setup is: atv1&c1&d2&k3

Any ideals?

Thanks in advanced.


(Please email me your replies, thanks.)

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